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Forensic Medical Consultants was established in 1994 to provide independent, impartial, timely service in clinical forensic medicine. Our principal consultant, Prof. Edward Ogden has written over 4,000 expert opinions, and has given expert evidence to courts at all levels in Victoria, most Australian States and the Republic of Singapore.

Clinical forensic medicine is the application of clinical knowledge to the law. Our special expertise is in the role of drugs and alcohol in affecting human behaviour especially driving skills. We have expertise in all areas of clinical forensic medicine, including interpretation of injury. Our expertise does not extend to assessment of work related injuries.

Currently Forensic Medical Consultants has clients in all states of Australia including government agencies.

Forensic Medical Consultants understands that expert opinions are required in a timely manner. Our objective is to set out the issues in our area of expertise clearly on plain language to facilitate decision making. All reports are subject to stringent quality control.

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"An expert can take technical ideas within his experience and make it accessible to all."

-Prof. Edward Ogden